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Richard Sherman Inspired Top Five Postgame Sports Rants

It is the Monday after NFL Championship Sunday, and the whole world is talking about one person – Richard Sherman. Sherman went on an unforgettable rant after the Seattle Seahawks‘ 23-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Things probably would not have gotten so manic if Michael Crabtree did not slap Sherman across the facemask for celebrating in his face after the game-ending turnovers. Either way, we are glad he did it, because without the love tap, we would not be able to talk about the wild postgame happenings.

Sherman may be hated by most at this point, but it does not take away from the pure entertainment surrounding his tirade. Just ask Erin Andrews, who had the privilege of being scared to death by the pulsating, angry 6-foot-5 cornerback. I bet she would not take it back for the world.

We’re going to be hearing a lot more about Sherman and his rant as the week goes on, so that gives us time to focus on some other classic post-game rants. Some of the older gems are buried beneath the fresher outbursts, so let me refresh your memory if need be. Here are five postgame rants that will live on forever and keep us begging for more.

5. Russell Westbrook Aint Hearing It

4. Derek Anderson Doesn’t Think Anything Is Funny

3. Shaq’s Potty Mouth

2. Bart Scott Flies High 

1. Mike Tyson Breaks His Back